Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WoW: Where I'm At

Biroc: Level 85 Paladin

I finally did it. I advanced one of my characters to level 85. In the hands of a seasoned guild player, Biroc would be an awesome force. He has quite a few spells that could heal/support/enhance members of a group. Since I've always been a solo player (apart from a couple of 2-person sorties), I don't think I could live up to the role of "Healer" in a raid party.

Biroc is making some nice armor these days with his Blacksmith skill. This is a fairly good source of income although it costs a bit of gold to put a high-level item for sale at the Auction House. He can also feed my enchanter, Rima, with items to disenchant.

My Paladin carries a shield and is a very tough target in a fight. His healing spells guarantee that he'll be in the fight for a while no matter what.

Since he's achieved level 85, Biroc won't be seeing action for a while. I'll be spending my WoW time advancing my other characters.

Diabolik: Level 81 Rogue

I'm currently advancing my Rogue along the path to level 85. I find that there are some quests that are just too difficult for a Rogue (at least, with my own personal WoW skills). For instance, when tasked with the assassination of a high-level mob that spends his time flying, a Rogue has to give up her primary advantage: striking while stealthed.

Diabolik is advancing her Herbalism and Alchemy skills. She's also feeding my Scribe, Rima, with herbs for milling.

Rima: Level 80 Druid

My Rima is like the mother ship. She's been hanging out in Stormwind City catching items for auction that my other characters throw her way. Glyphs are a high-profit commodity and she has been doing a banner job of maximizing ROI. It may take a while, but after my Rogue achieves level 85, Rima will be flexing her combat muscles once again.

Megarid: Level 80 Hunter

It's been a while since Megarid has seen action. He's just chilling out and checking his mail ever few weeks. Eventually he'll be called upon to press on to level 85.

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