Friday, August 31, 2012

GOP Mascot

This is what people will always remember about the 2012 Republican Convention: the Clint Monster chewing up the scenery. So, all you re-pubs... say hello to your new mascot. You built it. You own it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

WoW: Where I'm At

FrappĂ© : Level 75 Warrior 

This guy was originally created as a "mule" to carry stuff that my other characters didn't have room for. Once all my other characters had achieved level 85 I had to go somewhere. Jump over to Dragon Age 2? Nope. Pick up with my mule and start advancing him.

BTW I did try to name him "Mule" or "TheMule" but those names had been taken. Obviously there are WoW players who are fans of Asimov's "Foundation" trilogy.

It's kind of fun playing a warrior. Just run up and hit stuff... the faster the better. He's not so great at stand-off attacks but he doesn't really need to be.

I've started using an add-in called "ActionSwap". This lets you swap out action bar configs. This is helpful if you'd like to have one set of action bars for PvE and another set for PvP. I like it! If nothing else it lets me back up my action bar configs in case I screw something up.

On the money scene my scribe continues to dominate by ROI. Being able to submit for auction a glyph at 100 gold for only 1 silver is so much more attractive that offering a 75 gold sword for 1 gold or more. Still, working the Auction House takes up a lot of time and it's not that much fun. No wonder China has slaves doing this stuff. However, when you've got a toon who needs 4000g for flight training it's nice to have the gold on hand.

I still have not joined a guild. When I'm spammed by guild invites I've taken to just ignoring them rather than declining. I hope that annoys the spammers as much as I'm annoyed by their invites.

I know I'm flogging this game for all it's worth or more but Mists of Pandaria is going to be released sometime "soon".

Yay! A new flavor of heroin!