Sunday, September 25, 2011

WoW: Advancing My Druid

I'm trying to advance my Druid's Enchanting skill. She's pretty advanced already, so it's becoming difficult. Here's what I had to do to advance her one notch on the professional scale.

My Hunter, Megarid, spent an hour in The Blasted Lands killing basilisks, hyenas, and boars to gather 72+ Rugged Leather. Combining the leather with some Rune Thread and Black Dye, he created 6 Wicked Leather Headbands. I mailed these off to my Druid who disenchanted them. From the resulting materials, she was able to create one enchanting scroll that bumped her skill level one point.

This is not easy, people. The latter stages of advancement are like squeezing blood from turnips.

It's a challenge, though, which is what I want.

Level 85: someday.

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