Saturday, March 3, 2012

World of Warcraft Crisis

I have 4 characters in World of Warcraft. I've just advanced the last of them, Megarid (Hunter), to level 85. Currently, level 85 is the maximum in WoW. Ka-chink, ka-chink, calculating.... Ah.

I can no longer work to advance the levels of my characters.

I've been working so long--something like 1.5 years--towards this state. Now I feel a bit lost.

There are certainly other things my characters can do. I've been pretty good about advancing their professional skills, but I could spend more time in that area. There are incidental goals like "obscure achievements" that I could go after.

The 2-ton gorilla in the room is the possibility of joining a Guild. How have I gone this long without testing the waters of Guild membership? Um... I'm borderline Aspie? Yeah, that's it. I do things alone, thank you very much.

But since I'm only borderline Aspie, doing stuff with other people is still a possibility. I'm pretty sure I'll take the leap and join a Guild. I can always jump right back out.

Another possibility is that I could finally get around to installing and playing Dragon Age 2 that I pre-ordered something like a year a go. It's still sitting around in shrink wrap.

Other possibilities: what if I actually used my evenings to do something productive? I could spend lots more time practicing guitar. I could get my Pro-Tools workstation operational. I could do recreational programming.

It's late. I'm tired and I'm hungry. I'll deal with this tomorrow.

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  1. I caved. I had an opportunity to change the direction of my life and I squandered it. By that I mean that I created a new WoW character: a Draenei Mage. I've never played a Draenei and I've played a Horde Mage only to level 5, so this is new stuff for me.

    Once addiction to WoW, always addicted to WoW.