Thursday, June 23, 2011

My World of Warcraft Characters: Whassup!

Megarid, Level 63 Beast Mastery Hunter

I'm currently working on developing my hunter to level 70. He has just started working in Zangarmarsh in The Outlands. I hadn't played Megarid in quite a while so I was very rusty with the controls. Now that I've reacquainted myself with the basics, I'm trying to gain some facility with the trap-making skills.

The Blasted Lands (his previous haunt) is a great area for a hunter since many of the quests are in wide-open spaces and there are plenty of boars around to skin. Megarid's current pet is a big, tough wolf, Vrolak, that he picked up in Felwood.
Vrolak, Level 63 Wolf

The wolf makes a great tank--he can take a lot of damage before he gets into trouble. As long as Megarid only attacks Vrolak's current target, he can stand back from melee range and fire arrows, which is what he does best. Any kind of multi-target or area attack almost certainly attracts one or more mobs to Megarid. In that case, he winds up barely fending them off while Vrolak takes them out one by one. I have had some limited success throwing a Freezing Trap at one mob to temporarily incapacitate him and give me time to kill his buddy.

Megarid's leather-making skills are not advancing at the moment. The reason is that he doesn't yet know how to work the leather he's been collecting in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh. At some point, I need to take him back into the Blasted Lands so he can farm some lower level leather.

Rima, Level 70 Balance Druid

Rima is the latest addition to my "personal guild". I had no idea how perfect a Druid would be for solo play. You've got your healing spells, ranged magic, and shape-shifting. In cat form, you can stealth like a Rogue. In bear form, you can take lots of damage at melee range. As a time saver, you can't beat bouncing back and forth with the "Teleport to Moonglade" spell and using your Hearthstone to return to questing.

Rima's professions are Enchanting and Inscription. Normally, this would be a bad combination because you need Herbalism to gather herbs for milling into pigment, which is necessary for creating glyphs. That's where my personal guild comes into play. Diabolik, my Rogue, has Herbalism, so she does the gathering for Rima. Some glyphs can fetch a pretty good price in the Auction House. If I were creating a single new character, Herbalism + Inscription would be a great pairing of professions--right up there with Skinning + Leatherworking and Mining + Blacksmithing.

Biroc, Level 70 Holy Paladin

My Paladin was the first to reach level 70 and gain a flying mount. I love being able to fly. It's extremely helpful when you're farming in a zone--you fly right past the annoying mobs that would slow down your resource gathering.

Biroc has been on sabbatical for a while as I've been advancing my other characters. At the time he left active play, he was making a ton of gold at the Auction House with his Blacksmithing skill. As the rich man of my personal guild, he has provided the financing for my other characters' advancements. It was kind of hard leaving him since the other characters make much less money. Also, since he can wear plate and has great healing spells, he's dependably tough in a melee.

Diabolik, Level 60 Subtlety Rogue

Attaining level 60 as my Rogue was a hard-earned achievement. This was quite a milestone, because now she has a flying mount and can farm herbs efficiently. As the mobs get tougher, advancing as a Rogue gets much tougher. It's always a little tricky trying to sneak up from behind on a mob that is pacing and changing directions quickly.

It will be interesting to see if I'm able to advance her to level 70, which will be my next goal after getting Megarid to 70. As it is, she's performing a great service by gathering herbs in the "kiddie" zones for Rima to mill.

Plans For The Future

My short-term goal is to get Megarid to level 70. After that, getting Diabolik to level 70 will be a goal. I may break off and try to advance my characters professionally--in particular Rima's Inscription skills. Megarid needs to catch up on his leatherworking, too.

Beyond that, I think I'll be trying to take my four characters to level 75.

So much fun. So much addiction.

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