Friday, June 17, 2011

Grasshoppers: Pickup Number 4

Marimba Lettuce

In this week's basket:
  • A head of cabbage
  • 2 heads of dark red, leafy lettuce (Marimba?)
  • 1 bunch of radishes
  • 2 sweet red onions
  • 1 bulb fresh garlic
  • A small bag of shell peas
  • 2 packages of pork breakfast links
  • 1 package of bacon
  • 1 package of chorizo sausage

The cabbage is destined for cole slaw and soup. I'll use the lettuce and radishes in salad. I'll need to pick up some additional soup and salad ingredients at the grocery this weekend. I'll have no trouble at all finding a use for the garlic. Olive oil and garlic are two things I can never have enough of. The peas will be a side dish. I'm thinking supper this Saturday will be a barbecued pork chop, cole slaw, and peas. I've been meaning to do another oven barbecue but I've always gotten side-tracked.

I'm not sure what to do with the red onions. Some people and restaurants will include them raw in salad, but that's not my style. I could use part of it in my cole slaw. I know there's at least one dish I make that calls for red onion, but I'll have to go through my recipes to to jog my memory. And there's always the Ingredient Search at

Having chorizo in the freezer is a great excuse to make one of my favorite dishes: Black Eyed Pea Jambalaya. That may be my project for the following weekend.

The sausage links will go with scrambled eggs and grits or hash browns--either for breakfast or supper. Obviously, there are countless ways to use the bacon!

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