Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dangerous Kitchen Improvements: help?

 As background, I'll explain that my house is an ancient (circa 1972) pre-fab bi-level that I bought in (as I recall) 1978. The darned thing is paid off now. Huzzah!

The downside is that stuff is wearing out. I really should (at a minimum) have my bathroom and kitchen remodeled. The cost is not an impediment, but having to take time off work (like maybe lots of time) to babysit the work has been a roadblock.

This afternoon, the aerator in my kitchen faucet broke. I most definitely need to replace the faucet, but I thought, hey, this could be a good opportunity to also replace the sink (which is the original from sometime late in the previous century). And if I replaced the sink, what if I added a disposal?

I know I'm in the stone age, but I've never had a disposal unit and I've never had a dishwasher. My question is: Are disposal units a good thing to have? Are there any dangers if there are pets (cats) in the house?

TIA for your consideration.

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