Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Three Mouseketeers

Last night, a field mouse found its way into my computer room. How did it get here? No mystery. There is a crack in my drywall that was caused by a sloppy gutter installation. I've never gotten around to repairing it.

If you have cats, you're probably aware of the body language and sense of excitement in your felines when they've detected a rodent in the house. Whenever that happens, I leave the cats to their business. I might open a closet door if they're obviously waiting for the mouse to make a break, but generally let them do their job on their own terms.

I'm not afraid of mice. Field mice are actually quite adorable. I would be annoyed if a mouse chewed into a box or bag of my foodstuff, but with 3 cats in the house, visiting mice are not going to have much time to check out the pantry.

One thing I do worry about when a mouse comes inside is: How is this sitch going to be resolved? My kittehs are very much into the "Show Daddy" mindset. Gypsy has a disturbing habit of fishing up my bathtub drain filter and depositing it on my bed near the pillow. Yuck! When the kittehs are messing with a mouse, I'm seriously worried that I might wake to find a partially eaten mouse carcass beside me on the pillow.

This particular incident had a happy ending. When I was in the kitchen, Gypsy brought the captured mouse in and dropped it on the floor. The mouse had been "played with" and was completely dazed but apparently unhurt. I scooped it up in a glass jar and tossed it outside. Believe it or don't, I said, "Here ya go, Sweetie," as I tossed the mouse out. They really are adorable creatures.

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