Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mischievious Cats and Bad Dreams

I called a family meeting the other night. Since all of the cats protested with silence and refused to participate, all of my motions were carried.

The new rule is that if any of the cats (Gypsy) starts chewing on my CPAP equipment or otherwise intentionally disrupts my sleep at 4:00 AM or later, all cats will be locked out of the bedroom until my alarm clock goes off. The early morning hours are my prime REM time. If I'm deprived of dreams, I wake up feeling tired and numb of brain.

The change has been successful in that I'm now getting my dream time in. But the dreams! Oy!

This morning I had my recurring slow-burn nightmare that my ex-girlfriend was living with me and I was not able to get her to move out. There were a few new twists this time. My cell phone and my car were either lost or stolen. Ex-gf's father gave her $500,000 mad money (and I know she could spend that much in a month). I had to sit down to a restaurant dinner with ex-gf and some young guy (apologies to Wayne's World) who was trying to hit on her. Then the mafia arrived and broke all the windows with baseball bats. It was truly a sucky dream.

Even a lousy dream is better than no dream at all, though. The rule will stay in place for now.

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