Monday, February 21, 2011

My World of Warcraft Characters: Whassup!

Biroc, Level 55 Holy Paladin

My paladin has been advancing like gangbusters. Last night he completed the final quest in the Burning Steppes. That was a nice zone for him because of the abundance of mithril. By dumb luck, I discovered that you can "mine" dead Obsidian Elementals. That yielded some Deeprock Salt that Megarid (my hunter) can use to cure thick hides. He's been turning the mithril into plate armor that sells well at the Auction House. He had the good fortune to pick up an epic one-handed mace as a drop. This allowed him to sell his two-handed weapon, keep the same damage rate, and carry a nice shield to boot. He's currently questing in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Although mining and blacksmithing have been profitable, Biroc is at the point where he needs to mine and work thorium in order to advance. Apparently, thorium is more rare in the post-Cataclysm world. My plan is to get him to level 60 and then set out for one of the dangerous zones that are said to have thorium.

Biroc got his first (and possibly only) Honorable Kill last night. I have always turned down duel requests and I've only been attacked one other time (it was a draw). Last night, Biroc stepped into Stormwind City right in the middle of a Horde raid. I felt honor-bound to help defend, so I targeted the nearest enemy and started casting exorcisms. I was killed a couple of times but somewhere along the way I apparently bested one of my foes. Whatever. I prefer to play against the environment.

Megarid, Level 50 Beast Mastery Hunter

Although my hunter is lethal at range, I've learned how difficult it is to play him in buildings without long hallways. The quests in Tyr's Hand, Eastern Plagueland, were tricky at times. Fortunately, his level 49 pet gorilla, "Mitchell", is excellent in a melee. On a whim, I had him step into the Stratholme dungeon by himself. He and Mitchell were obliterated pretty quickly. I think I'd need a party of 5 good players to have a chance of staying alive there.

Having reached level 50, Megarid is eligible for a third pet (his second pet is a stealthing tiger named "Debbie"). There are some pretty mean critters in the Burning Steppes--I'm sure that's where he'll go to choose a new pet. I wonder if the Obsidian Elementals can be tamed? Their ability to reflect magic would be very helpful.



 Obsidian Elemental

Megarid's professions of skinning and leatherworking have been fairly profitable. I'm hoping that the beasts in the Burning Steppes will yield Rugged Leather, which is what Megarid needs to advance.

Diabolik, Level 48 Subtlety Rogue

Playing solo as a rogue is a lot of fun but there are some definite disadvantages. The fun part is that you often have to use a well-planned serious of moves to accomplish quests that other classes would blow through using brute force. For example, to kill a couple of guards standing side-by-side, I stealthed, sapped one of the guards unconscious, then killed the other guard before returning to the sapped foe. If Diabolik is double- or triple-teamed, she usually has to use a burst of speed to try to escape and recover.

The main disadvantage is that my rogue is dirt poor. Since she normally slips past guards unseen when possible, she doesn't gather as much loot as someone who fights his way in killing everything in his way. Also, her chosen professions of herbalism and alchemy have not been hugely profitable. I may not spend much time trying to advance her past level 50 or so.

Plans For The Future

Since I'm basically a solo PvE player, I'm sort of creating a virtual guild of alts. My blacksmith and leatherworker are very helpful to each other as a variety of materials are needed to create many items. I believe my next step will be to create a healer with professions chosen from enchanting, inscription, and jewelry. I enjoy selling items at the Auction House, but I'd hate to depend on buying items like glyphs. I'm thinking of making him a Draenei since there are many low-level quests in Kalimdor that I've never done (all my characters have "grown up" in the Eastern Kingdoms).

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